"Blupry I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the clean and well-commented code you provide on your website. Your contribution truly made a significant difference in my project, and I am incredibly grateful for your expertise and generosity.

Your code snippet not only solved my problem but also helped me better understand the concept. I'm now able to implement similar solutions more effectively in the future. The clarity and efficiency of your code were impressive, and it saved me a considerable amount of time.

Your attention to detail and expertise are evident in the quality of the code you provided. It's clear that you're very skilled in this area, and I admire the effort you put into crafting such a helpful resource for the community.

I especially appreciated the way you structured the code and the thorough comments you included. It made it easy for me to follow and integrate into my project.

Your expertise is a valuable asset to this community. Once again, thank you so much for your help and expertise."
Thank you Blupry team
good support & and on the website many services can help developers
really I found many services help me as well
I recently purchased a Crop image widget from Blupry. Initially, it lacked some features I needed, but their team was very helpful and modified the code to meet my requirements. After the purchase, I received the functionality I wanted. I am pleased with their service and plan to look for other custom widgets on their website. Thanks again Blupry

Solved! Blupry is making me a customised version of this template with a circle option
Blupry has super good ones that I have bought! They have one with background functionality, one that displays your playlist and more....
Blupry has a fantastic personalized calendar!
We purchased a calendar pack for flutterflow, and we are receiving full support for installing and customizing the calendar for our project, from Blupry.
Just bought this slider off Blupry's website, and within an hour I could talk to one of their team, they were incredibly helpful and generous, offering to provide personal modifications to the code which I had bought. Highly recommend this website and their FlutterFlow products. Blupry
I also had this issue and the solution I found was from Blupry. I bought this template https://www.blupry.com/app-details?recordId=rec3BuCx4b2ouoZEP and it works perfectly without any issues. Hope this helps you as well!
Blupry helped me with my project and the team assisted me with further changes. I recommend their work.
Blupry really helped me quickly solve the problem with installing and configuring the screenshot widget. everything worked right away!
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