Map Custom Markers FlutterFlow V2


One time Payment. No Subscription. Access to code to use it on unlimited projects.

A simple app that has a Map Custom Markers widget with multiple images and click action

Requirements : To have a FlutterFlow account

Features: This is a completed app using Map Custom Markers widget

FlutterFlow copy Project Included.

Support multi-platform: Android, iOS, web app Support build & APK

You will need to create your own accounts in the platforms.(Google cloud map)

To test it on your own, copy the project and enter your own SECRET API KEY.

Verified purchase
It really works. Can actually display multiple user profile pictures on the map.And you can still use actions on flutterflow.
Cannot use map dark theme and cannot use border radius.What flutterflow can do should be done normally.
I just found this after trying for a long time. Because I don't know anything about code. I bought it and didn't know how to use it, but the person who took care of it answered chats through the website and came to make it work until it was successful. It was something that made me sleep with a smile on my face. Thank you to those who helped. I don't know who you are. But you provide very good service.
Daniel Mywood
I also had this issue and the solution I found was from Blupry. I bought this template and it works perfectly without any issues. Hope this helps you aswell!

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