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by Blupry

Meet John and His Innovative App TonicoHP

Today, we're excited to introduce you to John and his app, TonicoHP.

John has over 20 years of experience as a CTO in various U.S. companies. During a workout at his local gym, he struck up a conversation with the gym owner about the challenges of managing trainers' schedules.

Given his extensive background in software development, John saw an opportunity to create an app that could automate the appointment process. He chose FlutterFlow as the platform to build his solution. The core feature of his app would be a calendar system to streamline weekly appointments for the gym owner.

John discovered our website and was particularly interested in our custom calendar widget. Eager to get started, he quickly purchased the widget and integrated it into his project. Thanks to his expertise, he was able to make small adjustments almost immediately. For more complex customizations, he reached out to us, and we were delighted to assist him in tailoring the widget to his needs.

After months of dedicated work, John successfully launched TonicoHP, which now helps the gym owner manage appointments efficiently. This achievement also allowed John to monetize his app by charging a fee.

We believe this is just the beginning for John. With his creativity and experience, who knows what innovative ideas he will come up with next?

We would like to thank John for his patience and the valuable feedback he provided throughout this journey. His input has been instrumental in helping us improve our offerings.

Test the app here: TonicoHP web app (Email: password: 12345678)

You can contact John here:


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