Why to sell apps via Blupry?

Safe & Secure: We vet both creators and buyers before they can list or buy a product making sure there's no bad apples. We also use Stripe and PayPal for billing ensuring payments are made securely.

Generate passive income: Did you create a great app? Why not take advantage of our existing user base and reach more customers right away. Make a lot of money by selling your apps multiple times!

Steps to make money:

  1. Sign up as a vendor
  2. Check your emails to get the credentials to your admin dashboard
  3. Complete your steps on the Admin Platform.
  4. Upload your apps
  5. Your apps receive approval.

Your App is live. Once a customer buys your app you will receive the amount minus our 30% cut into your Stripe account.

If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you. Feel free to contact us!

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